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Ano' ai me ke Aloha (Greetings with Love)

A paradise of sun, swaying palms, and simple beauty, Honolulu, Hawaii is beloved for its tropical climate, pristine beaches, and gentle surf. The crossroads between East and West, Honolulu has a multifaceted cultural life, exceptional shopping, dining, and world class hotels. The benefits of belonging to the Chaîne are many. We are certainly blessed to be able to tap into the endless culinary opportunities our city has to offer.

We extend an especially warm Aloha and welcome to Chaîne members from around the globe, and we invite you to attend our events on a space-permitting basis.

Me ke aloha pumehana (with warm aloha)
Fred Hellekes - Chambellan Provincial

For more information contact Mrs. Kimi J. Matar, Bailli, at (808) 728-6002 or

or Mrs. Susan Lee, Vice Chargée de Presse at