As the head of Michigan Chapter of this food and wine society, I bring decades of experience in the food industry.  I have developed deep relationships with chefs and food establishments and continuously seek unique experiences to offer our members.
I have held the position of Bailli since April of 2012 and remember how memorable the event held at Franklin Hills Country Club was.  The induction, the new color ribbon, the members, friends and family welcoming me to this new role was very exciting.
Our chapter has a active board, a dinner committee and genuine friendship.
I recently attended the National Conference in Washington D.C. to broaden my understanding of not only my role for Michigan, but what other chapters around the world were creating for their members.  I was pleased to be able to share with 88 baillis from all over the globe one of our new member benefits:  Restaurants Rewards.
Last year I was able to travel to China and my wife and I were the ambassadors of the Chaine representing the U.S. We were fortunate to participate in an incredible dinner halfway around the world at the Peace hotel in Shanghai. As a Chaine member you will have friends in many countries of the world.

Viva la Chaine

Bob Golding


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