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  We are a Bailliage of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs where professionals in the hospitality and wine business meet and share knowledge and camaraderie at the table while making new friends with culinary and wine enthusiasts.

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   About the Scottsdale Bailliage

For current information on the Scottsdale Bailliage please contact Steve Amend at Bailli@cox.net or 602-684-0926

Welcome to the web site of the Scottsdale Bailliage of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. We are a Bailliage of  invited hospitality and food service professionals from the great hotels, restaurants, clubs and hospitality affiliates in the Scottsdale area.  Gastronomes of discriminating taste have also been invited to join our Bailliage. As professionals we challenge our culinary and service staffs to provide our hospitality professional, and gastronome members and guests the epitome of epicurean excellence. We present to each other and our gastronomes members the opportunity to experience levels of cuisine, wine and service not normally available to the public.

Our members and events will be featured on this web site.

Our Gastronome members enjoy the opportunity to share fine dining experiences with fellow members of like mind and to interact and gain additional knowledge from the food service professionals in the Chaîne. Our members become connoisseurs of wines and crafted beverages and are warmly welcomed at restaurants throughout the world that display the Chaîne Plaque.

As Professional members we wear our ribbons and medals of the Chaîne with honor. A professional honor recognized world wide. We demonstrate our expertise and creativity at events we host. We also enjoy the patronage of knowledgeable Chaîne Gastronomes and their guests.    In addition, following our extraordinary schedules, we experience with our spouse or friend epicurean excellence and the camaraderie of our peers at Chaîne events.

A gala event each year celebrates the induction of new members, who are presented the ribbons and decorations of their Chaîne rank. Activities of La Chaîne are not limited to grand dining, however. Diners amical - less formal dinners play an important role in our schedule. This may include Chaîne picnics, wine tasting, and events outside of the ordinary dining experience.

We support our local culinary schools and established a local "Best Young Chef Rôtisseurs" Competition in 2006 as a prelude and training for the National contest. The local and then the Far West Regional Competition will be in Scottsdale in the near future. The national Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Foundation provides scholarship funds and has given in excess of $2,000,000 in scholarships to deserving hospitality students. The National Chaîne  holds two national competition each year "Best Young Chef Rôtisseurs" and "Best Young Sommelier" The winner from each of 10 regions progresses to national and international competition.

Our members also enjoy the U.S. Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Gastronome, a full-color high quality magazine as well as an International Gastronome Magazine that features events from Bailliage's throughout the country and the world.

To explore the Chaîne in greater detail go to www.chaineus.org or our international web site http://www.chaine-des-rotisseurs.net

Bon Appetit!

Steven Amend

Scottsdale Bailli - Officier Commandeur -                                             Argentier National Honoraire, Conseil d' Honneur