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Mission Statement

In the venerable tradition of the Ancient Guild of Oyers Rotisseurs the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs promotes the camaraderie engendered by the pleasures of the table facilitated by the harmonious integration of the talents of professionals with those of qualified amateurs for their mutual enjoyment derived from the pursuit of excellence. The mission of the Chaine is to attain this goal in the spirit of friendship, elegance, moderation, social awareness, tolerance and teaching by gracious example.

It is also the mission of the Chaine to foster the growth, support and development of young professionals in the culinary, wine, and hospitality industries, and to celebrate their accomplishments throughout their professional careers.

Finally, through shared excellence and elegance, it is our goal to actively participate in national and international Chaine forums to promote peaceful and meaningful experiences among individuals and nations alike.

The Honolulu Chapter History

Established in March 1973, the Honolulu Chapter was the first bailliage in the State of Hawaii and the 28th chapter in the United States.

The Honolulu Chapter is a dynamic organization with a broad membership composed of professional chefs, hoteliers, and business professionals with a passion for food and wines. The organization has grown from its original 16 members to its present 98 members.

As additional hotels were developed on the neighboring islands, more professionals were hired and the opportunity to establish new bailliages arrived. The first regional bailli, Lyle Guslander, formed the Maui Chapter in 1977 and the Big Island of Hawaii Chapter in 1978.

Then regional Bailli Hans Strasser organized a Kauai Chapter in 1986. However, following Hurricane Iniki's devastating impact on the Kauai hotel and tourist industries, the national headquarters granted permission to permit Kauai to host their functions on Oahu. The chapter was officially renamed the Kauai/Oahu chapter.

The Guam chapter, organized in 1991, has undergone some major leadership challenges. Bailli Honoraire Fred Honda was appointed to fill the remainder of the two-year-term of then Bailli Provencial Henry Schielein who transferred to the West Coast. Grooming future Chaine officers was one of Honda's priorities. Honda elevated Bailli Robert Lee to Chambellan Provencial in 1999. Then at the September 2001 regional meeting, Honda elevated Bailli Honoraire Laurence Vogel to Chambellan Provincial for Hawaii Pacific. We can look to the future with great anticipation, as we see further growth within the Hawaii/Pacific Island region.

In September 1998 Bailli Provincial Fred Honda received a letter that Honolulu was one of three cities being considered to host the 2000 Millennium Assemblage. Appointing Chambellan Provincial Robert Lee as chairman and an executive committee, their agenda was submitted to the Board of Directors meeting in Bermuda Jan 1999. Honda was then notified that Honolulu was selected the host city.

The chairman, Hawaii Baillis and committee members expanded, planned and executed the agenda of the National Assemblage HO'OLAULE'A 2000 that in the words of the delegates — IT WAS SENSATIONAL!

Currently, Mr. Bruce Liebert is Bailli Provincial for the State of Hawaii, for Guam, and American Samoa.

updated:  June 2012

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