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Mid-Hudson Chaine des Rotisseurs

La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is an international gastronomic society founded in 1950 in Paris to revive the traditions of the royal guild of goose roasters chartered in 1248. The Chaîne is dedicated to bringing together those who share a mutual interest in cuisine, wine, and fine dining in a spirit of camaraderie.

We seek to expose area gourmands, chefs and culinary students to the art of fine dining, crafted beverages and camaraderie at the table along with educational enhancements and to further the atmosphere of learning that the Culinary Institute of America and the Chaîne encourage.

Our Crest was originally granted in 1610, by King Louis the 13th, he granted the guild a royal charter and the coat of arms.

The center of the flag represents the fire of the pit over which meat is roasted, in red, with the the hearth in gold. Four arrows represent the larding needles that were used to sew strips of fat into the item being roasted to add moisture and flavor. The crossed broches were the irons that the meats were skewered to, to hang and turn over the fire. The blue circle and fleur de lis signifies the symbol of the royal family of France, with a gold chaine to turn the broches so they rotated over the fire.

Our name on a white background and the dates, the earliest recorded historic point of 1248 and when our modern day reformation occurred in 1950. This is encircled with another chain which signifies the common bond of food, wine, and camaraderie that is the heart of our society---along with the legend!

   View of Hudson River    Apples of the Valley    Young Chefs at CIA  

(left-right) A view of the Catskill Mountains, Apples Orchards abound around the valley, Young Chefs working at the CIA